East Coast Breakfast Sandwich

  1. Clean and prep your oyster mushroom and marinate it for a few minutes in soy sauce and liquid smoke. 

  2. Toast your bagel and cook your eggs however you like them, I prefer them pan fried with a broken yolk. 

  3. If adding cheese, place it on your egg and let it soften. 

  4. Remove the egg and place it on your bagel. 

  5. In the same pan, cook your oyster mushroom until browned and a bit crisp, then remove and add atop your egg. 

  6. Add salt, pepper, and condiments to taste

    •   Oyster mushroom

    •   Everything bagel or favorite bread

    •   Eggs or vegan egg substitute (pan fried, broken yolk, not scrambled)

    •   Soy sauce

    •   Liquid smoke (optional)

    •   Cheese (optional)

    •   Salt

    •   Black pepper

    •   Ketchup (or preferred condiment)

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