Seasonal Report Fall 2023

On the farm we monitor everyone for work ethic and hygiene and keep out of sensitive areas of food production (some mumbo jumbo about food safety and regulations). We just have to take their word about the goings-on at the farmers markets, but we have been assured that our customers are treated fairly and with respect. One of these days we must pay a visit to see for ourselves, which might require special permission from the health department or some such thing.

In our free time, we enjoy sitting outside the greenhouse and admiring the flowers. Rocky loves the sunflowers and is amazed by the way their gaze moves with the Sun; he is easily impressed! I, Tej (the sophisticated one), prefers the dahlias and zinnias. We have so much fragrant, native foliage on the farm such as sage and artemisia…come on Miss Mariza, start putting more of them in the floral arrangements; just give us the word, we can have the boys harvest them!

Mushrooms (we hear) have a mind of their own! We understand they are starting to produce even more gourmet varieties. Lots of activity has been detected in the flower planting and production front. Like our lettuce, microgreens, and kale the OGF power greens have now become a staple for our customers. We love to snack on all the greens but are rarely even given a handful. The sweet and tart varieties of grapes have become a hit. Rocky tried to keep the bees away from the grapes and for his efforts got a fat nose. The delicious figs are setting a new bar for flavor. We see two new varieties of chiles growing, the kind humans cook with, yuck. The word is, our market customers will love them.

It has been very warm and we try to cool off at the stream every chance we get…not as much as we would like, if you ask me. Our surveying efforts have kept us too busy directing humans, lizards, gophers, squirrels, bees.…

​The other day, Rocky snuck away under and fence to visit his husky friend and could not find his way back. El Jefe had to go retrieve him (so embarrassing!). I, Tej, on the other hand can always find my way back and am just so-so towards that husky because he shows me no respect. He was over the other day and tore up a garbage bag, boy did Señor E send him packing!

Thank you all for supporting our free and joyful life.

Until the next report, time and tide wait for no dog!

Tej and Rocky

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