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Sustainable Organic Marketplace

Farm Fresh Flowers

Our flowers can be pre-ordered and picked up at select Farmers Markets.  Place orders at least 24 hours in advance of the market start time in order to guarantee availability. Click the link below to browse our various arrangements.

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Lion's Mane & Turkey Tail

Mushroom Tinctures

Our tinctures can be pre-ordered for pickup, or shipped to your door.

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Farming to Sustain the Entire System

The Next Best Thing to Growing It Yourself.

Oak Grove Farms is a sustainable organic marketplace for clientele who demand the very best for themselves, for the well-being of their families and community, and for the complex and vital eco-web. 

The produce is nutrient-dense, the flowers are fresh and free of toxins, all grown hyperlocally in a rich soil biome and picked just days before purchase. 

At Oak Grove Farms, the person who grew your food and flowers, the person who made your wreath ... this person is not voiceless, nameless, faceless, or invisible. Here, you are getting a personal farmer who curates your food and flowers, and delivers it to you, right here in Southern California. 

We thank our customers for participating in a vibrant, symbiotic and natural process in which our community and ecosystems can flourish.  

History of Our Land

Oak Grove Farms exists amidst giant stands of oak trees, untouched native chaparral, a life-sustaining well, and a year-round gurgling brook.  

Oak Grove Farms spans over ten rolling acres of prime farming land, soothed by breezes off the nearby Pacific coast. Within it sits a majestic old-growth oak grove, a stream, and vestal native vegetation in picturesque and welcoming Fallbrook, in San Diego County.

Over 30 percent of our farm has been preserved in its virgin state. This approach of leaving untouched land alone is more impactful than replicating native habitats on previously occupied land: For instance, native bees, once disturbed from their habitat in the ground, struggle to come back even after restoration efforts have been made. 

Our approach to sustainability extends well beyond resource conservation and regenerative farming principles; we tend to the entire eco-web. Our land even has a history of sustainability; the previous steward was Bill Galt, a pioneer in the health food industry, who with his wife maintained the groves under organic certification.

Oak Grove Community

Doing our part to reduce the carbon footprint that is made necessary by food consumption, we collectively buy in to farming for the benefit of everyone and everything in nature’s remarkable and integrated mosaic. 

Supported by a team that includes hydrologists, engineers, horticulturalists, entomologists, contractors, mycologists, and of course farmers, we have created a working model in which we do much more than just sell food and flowers as a means to an end.

There is a price to pay for building and operating a farm in this way, and it is only possible when local consumers willingly help sustain it. With the support of our community, into which we have been warmly welcomed, the weight of this sacrifice is being shared. 

Farm Superintendents

We live a farm life. ​We know every curve and hillside of this ranch. We're attuned to the natural rhythms of the land and all of the creatures we share it with, including those of the humans who work in harmony with the land to grow food for other humans.