The Core Philosophy

If one does not replenish, who will tend to the barren aftermath? 

In the ceaseless pursuit of life, we go about depleting everybody and everything; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually … Let us stop!

​As the present stewards of this land we are temporarily in charge of its well-being and how it benefits our community and the world at large.

Our Logo the Core

Forms such as spheres, waves, spirals, and nets produce a Universe full of patterns, from the branching of trees to the human form to the galaxies. Just as the intelligence of every being is held in its smallest unit, a form holds the structure, energy and intelligence of the whole.

Our logo the Core is a basic form that presents itself in a myriad of sacred and complex shapes and patterns in our Universe - a sphere, infinity, yang and yin to name a few. It serves to constantly remind us that paying attention to the basic truths creates and sustains a complete whole.

Our Partner Yoga Shakti

How we relate to the Earth and the eco-web of people, animals, vegetation and fungi is enhanced when we stay healthy and serve our community in mind, body and spirit. Many of our team members and partners practice Yoga and Meditation regularly. To better support our team and community's pursuit of sustainable lifestyles, we're partnering with local Yoga and Wellness Center Yoga Shakti